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  • Most military surplus firearms come from individuals with the following statement.  "All used or surplus firearms should be inspected by a gunsmith prior to shooting".  DGR has performed this inspection for you and we do put it in writing (tech inspection report) with each used/rebuilt firearm we sell.  It is also hard for dealers to have military firearms because they no longer can be imported.  DGR works very hard to maintain a list of firearms under the heading "Coming Soon" lower on this page that we offer to the public.  We purchase these firearms form auctions and individuals. 

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  • Keep in mind, DGR will be interested in any firearm you have for sale or wish to trade.

  • We allow a three day non-firing inspection period with the purchaser paying return shipping.

  • If you have never purchased from us before, it is not difficult.  We will help you with every detail to make sure the experience is fun.

  • DGR will hold firearms for up to 10 days while waiting for license or payment.  If you wish to send in a check, the firearms will need to be held with a credit card until your check arrives.  If you place the firearm on HOLD and fail to complete the transaction for any reason, DGR will charge your credit card 20% of the selling price as a re-stocking fee.  We do not accept emails for holding a firearm.  We only accept phone orders or through our secured order form, (see below).

  • Give us a call if you would like to have an M1 or a M1 Carbine custom built by DGR.

  • And DGR now offers a one year warranty on all used/rebuilt firearms we sell!

  • On site transfers of firearms is available.  Call for information if you do not live in Tennessee and are looking to purchase a firearm from DGR. 

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  • A new law in California requires out of state dealers to be approved for selling firearms in CA.  DGR has been approved and will sell to people in CA.

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WTB: 4-digit M1 Garand receiver/rifle

WTB: M1 Carbines

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Deans dad in 1945 with his issued M1.  (I miss you Dad.)

Thanks to all that served, past & present.

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All DGR Firearms Come With A One Year Warranty And Tech Report Unless Otherwise Stated!

Coming Soon!

SA M1 (30.06 cal)

Remington 1917

Springfield 1903

IBM carbine (.30 cal carbine)

Standard Products carbine (.30 cal carbine)

Inland carbine (.30 cal carbine)

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Firearms" last

US Military Firearms

Underwood M1 Carbine 1434015


Items that are new or like new or special on this rifle:

Stock Markings:  GHD UEF with cross cannons MU in sling well & 2 Rivet HG M-U

Underwood 5-43 P Flaming bomb dated barrel

Recoil Plate: U Stamped

Trigger Housing:  U & flaming bomb stamped

Sear:  U Stamped

Hammer:  U Stamped

Slide:  U Stamped

Bolt:  U Stamped

Flip Rear Sight:  S stamp on side

Trigger:  U Stamped

Safety:  U Stamped

Barrel Band: Unmarked

Front Sight:  Unmarked

This rifle is correct to the best of my knowledge.  DGR has not finished anything on this rifle.

All parts have been gauged and are in excellent condition.

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Other Firearms

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April 11, 2012 co-founder, partner, best friend and loving wife, Kenya Charlene Dillabaugh passed away from medical issues that she lived with for over 18 years.  Kenya was known by military firearm collectors coast to coast.  Those customers/friends that got to know her, all felt lucky in doing so.

I could write books about Kenya, but instead decided to build 2 tribute rifles in her memory.  These 2 rifles (M1 & M1 Carbine) are the only rifles that will be made in tribute to Kenya.  While DGR will produce others that look the same; only the 2 seen in here have KCD stamped under their butt plates.

Both have been sold.  A friend asked me why I sold rifles made in tribute to Kenya.  I told my friend that 24 years ago Kenya sold my first M1 at a Del Mar CA gun-show while I was outside taking a smoke break.   So now I figure we are even.  :)


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When you are ready to place your order Click Here to access the Secure Order Form.
Be sure to note Make, Model and Serial Number to enter into order form for Firearm Orders.

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