Buyer Beware

Recently DGR has started selling firearms other then our rebuilt M1s.  These firearms are either new or have been inspected by DGR.  The intent of this article is to show why this is important.  Most military surplus firearms come from distributors/wholesalers with a tag that states, "All used or surplus firearms should be inspected by a gunsmith prior to shooting".  It is not uncommon to see these tags removed from firearms presented in stores, on auction sites, websites, or at gunshows.  The alarming fact is, most do not inspect these firearms as recommended. 

Pictured above is a very nice looking M1 Carbine.  If you saw this Carbine you might be interested. However the ugly, (hidden) fact about this carbine is that it had excessive headspace.  When this Carbine was sold, no statement was furnished to the buyer regarding the safety of this firearm or even a statement that a competent gunsmith should check the firearm.


Above is the result of firing this Carbine with excessive headspace.  The pressure blew the right lug off the bolt and damaged the receiver as seen in the second picture.  The receiver is damaged to the point where repairs, (welding & heat treating) is more costly then replacing the receiver.  

So when making your next purchase of a firearm, please know the facts.  Ask the dealer if they are willing to state on the invoice, (like DGR does) that a gunsmith has inspected the firearm.